The destruction of healthy forest systems causes so many different problems. Trees provide a habitat for animals, purify water sources, control flooding and erosion and help to replenish the soil with nutrients needed for farming. When farmers can't grow anything their farms fail and they have no option but to move to the overcrowded cities looking for work. Often they have to resort to selling themselves or their families into slavery just to survive.

Plant trees. Save lives

Forests cover about one-third of the land surface of the Earth, just under 4 billion hectares. Forests keep biodiversity, protect land and water resources, and play a role in climate change mitigation, but they face a significant threat.

The rapid development and the competitive land uses in particular for agricultural land and of grazing, commercial plantations and the expansion of infrastructure, have cut off broad swaths through the forests of the world.





Our planting partner


Eden Reforestation projects reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year.

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One Seed pursues the following objectives with Eden Reforestation Projects:

  • Restore native forests
  • Provide food for villagers, shelter for wildlife, shade, medicines, soil regeneration and climate regulation through a village-wide tree-planting program
  • Lift people out of extreme poverty 



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